Lady Gaga and Marina Abramovic.

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  July 29, 2013 at 10:59am
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Summer of Jellyfish Obsessions

July 2012, Acrylic (& Photoshop)

  July 17, 2012 at 02:38pm

Living Dead.


Have you heard the song? Well that’s my life right now. I’m just sustaining my life right now. It’s becoming a routine. I have no friends here. I have a good job that pays really well, but so what. I miss be able to go to a friends house and goof off and just have fun. I miss having someone to go to the movies with, go to taco bell with, or just go for a walk with. There’s nothing here for me. At all. I hate this place. I’ve been living in this fantasy world…but it’s slowly starting to disappear and I’m being dragged back into reality. I’ve lost everyone I’ve bonded with here. I don’t even wanna try to find someone to try and form a good friendship with. I keep coming up with all these scenarios in my head that are amazing. They keep me going. But they’re probably never going to happen. I have no creative energy right now or the desire to get it back. I have a shoot planned, actually a couple, but I don’t even wanna do them. It’s like I’m sailing on this wonderful boat (my fantasy), and it’s amazing on here. But it gets occasional holes in it, and I just patch them up. Well it feels like the ship has a whole bunch of holes in it, and all this water (reality) is rushing in at once. Unfortunately, I’m the only one on board, and I don’t know if there’s a way of saving it. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic with my little metaphor, but it’s how I feel. I’m not even depressed, just tired and stressed. Drained. 

It’s okay. I feel the same way, off and on.

  July 10, 2012 at 12:36pm
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Justin Bieber Cover of the Day: It’s “Boyfriend” like you’ve never heard it before — all swaggy and live — courtesy up-and-coming L.A.-based band Palter Ego. The dynamic duo of jazz musicians Jesse Palter and Sam Barsh sounds like a cross between Etta James and Sia.


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True story: I love me some Biebz.


United Colors of Pop

May 2012, Acrylic, 18” x 36” (x 3 canvases)

  May 30, 2012 at 10:40am

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Would any Little Monsters like..

… to have their portrait painted?

I want to paint the fans, dressed in Monster-gear… and eventually be able to line all the paintings up on a gallery wall and capture the Lady Gaga concert audience in all its glory.

The crowd so far:

Message me if interested!!

  August 24, 2011 at 08:44pm